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Niechorze is one of the most attractive towns situated on the Baltic Seanear Lake Liwia Luza. It is part of the Rewal Coast which is being promoted as a tourist destination. Situated at the base of a fishing pier and a prominent lighthouse, these are the main attractions that add charm to this part of the coast. The seaside town is characterized by the shore, the sandy beach and bay overlooking a high cliff, on which stands a lighthouse.


The town is located by theNarrow of Gauge Railway Station Gryficka. In the summer months a Retro choo-choo train is in operation and passes through the so-called narrow-gauge railway, from the coastal town Gryfice & Rewal community.


There is a Museum of Marine Fisheriesin the area which gives a glimpse of the Pomeranian fishing culture.


Every year in Niechorze there is the Polish Mens Championships in Beach Volleyball

9-12.06.2011r. Other popular team sports and recreation activities, include football, basketball, and tennis.


Niechorze is a resort town, offering a wide variety of accommodation and campsites. The city has a variety of attractions and nightlife. Bars, pubs, discos, beer gardens, fish and chip shops, pizza-restaurants, cafes and ice creameries. The choice is really big!


In 2010, the Municipality Rewal met the highest standards of the prestigious international program for environmental education to give the certificate of the "Blue Flag".



The lighthouse is located between the Lighthouse stump (about 30miles west) and Kołobrzeg Lighthouse (about34 mileseast). It is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions , the most popular monument in Niechorze.


The Light from the Lighthouse can be seen from a distance of over36 km. This is due to a special lamp 1000 W, its power is 20-fold enhanced by a special system of prisms. From the balcony of the lighthouse you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of the coast Rewal, but that's only after the defeat of 210 degrees:)



Ruins of the Church in Trzęsacz, a small village, lying on the 15 meridian, is the last wall of the church - a monument on the European scale. It is a remnant of the built at the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuryGothicChurch. St. Nicholas. The church was originally erected at a distance of approximately 1.8-2 kmfrom the sea in the middle of the village, was destroyed by the abrasive process. To this day, leaving only the south wall of the church (length12 mand height6 m) located at the top of the cliff. Ruins of the Church in Trzęsacz is one of the most fascinating places on the Polish coast.


The border Niechorze - Rewal are ideal conditions for paragliding. In addition, clean cliffs devoid of roots and scrub off much easier. In summer, this place is teeming with life, and focuses on sport enthusiasts. Here you can find both amateurs and experienced par gliders. Often accompanied by a group of friends watching the struggles of the sport. Ideal conditions for take-off from the cliff is a wind of5 m/ s, preferably blowing perpendicularly towards the coast.


The most precious parts of the coast cliffs belong to the Wolin National Park. An additional attraction of the park are unique communities of beech forests and delta Swina along with several smaller islands. About 1500 m from the center of Międzyzdroje farm is a demonstration of bison, an ideal target the afternoon excursion. Represent the animal world - primarily bird-official symbol of Wolin National Park is a sea eagle, sometimes called sea eagle.


In spring and autumn each year, the park is a place of rest for migrant birds. In the woods you can find deer, deer, wild boar and even a badger. The dunes rise "Polish cactus" - holly coastal forests and several species of orchids.


Lake, also known as Emerald Lake, is classified as the most beautiful lakes in the Wolin National Park. It is situated on the island of Wolin, in a village in the municipality of Międzyzdroje- Wapnica. Lake owes its name to turquoise color of water, which gives it a unique character, while a magnet attracting countless tourists. This fabulous turquoise color arises from the reflection of light rays from water containing calcium compounds and a white limestone bottom of the lake, which is a remnant of the operation here until the 50's strip mine of chalk.
Lake is surrounded by numerous hills Lubin - Wapnickimi, covered with woods and Mediterranean vegetation. On one of these hills called Sand Mountain is a vantage point from which a magnificent view over the lake and the picturesque situated Wapnica and Lubin.


It has the longest pier in Poland- the present pier is Międzyzdroje395 meterslong and terminates in a haven for tourist ships. It offers a magnificent view of the sea, the beach and on the Wolin cliff (the entrance to the pier is free).
Boardwalk - a place for walks, at which invested a lot of eateries and souvenir shops. There is also a Wax Museum, the exposure becomes richer.
Promenade of Stars - Every year, the Summer Festival of Artists. Events have been organized, meetings with actors, concerts, theater performances, and on the famous promenade are imprinted palms of celebrities .

Water attractions

Stays in Niechorze are very popular. Water, beach and air saturated with iodine attracted to the Baltic Seas magnesium. Along almost the entire sea coast are located tourists resorts. Niechorze is the perfect place to spend time on the beach and enjoy the countless attractions offered to tourists on dry land. Interesting historical sites and numerous outdoor events allow you to plan your stay here really interesting.

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