Conditions/Regulations "KAKADUCABINS”

We hope that by following the conditions and regulations we will provide you with a comfortable and satisfactory your stay at "Kakadu Cabins”.


In advance we would like to thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a pleasant holiday, full of unforgettable moments.

1. Persons staying at the resort are required to comply with these conditions and regulations.

2. Persons must behave in a manner that does not jeopardize the safety of other individuals. They must comply with the directions of management, staff, and the security.

3. Compliance with the Protection of Nature, health and safety laws and fire procedures must be followed.

4. Any person breaking the conditions/regulations will be asked to leave the grounds.
In the case of refusal, the police will be called and charges of misconduct may follow.

5. Persons staying or visiting the KakaduCabinsare subject to obligatory registration upon arrival at reception. Minors must accompanied by an adult, and their stay at the KakaduCabinsis possible only under adult supervision.

6. At the request of the person renting a KakaduCabinadditional persons are allowed on the grounds after consent by the management, completion of registration, and the payment of the extra person.

7. Visitors are welcome at the resort from8:00 9:00 p.m.

8. The fee for staying at the resort must be paid upon arrival at check-in. In addition, the period of stay is charged, refundable deposit of 200 zł.

9. Relinquishing part of the stay, late arrival and early leaving the resort, due to no fault of the management center, is not eligible for reimbursement of payment. The total abandonment of residence is not eligible for reimbursement of the paid deposit.

10. Advance payment of a deposit is necessary in accepting the reservation and binds the agreement of accepting the conditions/regulations outlined. Deposit is not refundable. 

11. Kakadu Cabins has a parking enclosed but is not guarded. Each KakaduCabinhas a guaranteed and assigned parking space.

12. Kakadu Cabin  accepts no legal liability of personal belongings damaged or stolen out of cars left in the parking facility.

13. A person renting a KakaduCabinis required to check the status of equipment in theCabinupon arrival. Confirmation of compliance with a list of equipment and the adoption of responsibility for any defects and damage caused during the operation. People damaging equipment, furniture, theCabinand their surrounding are responsibility for the damage. Tenants, before leaving theCabin, are required to account for the equipment in thecabin.

14. The KakaduCabinwith facilities for the elderly / disabled is treated like any other hired.

15. If you loose or misplace keys to thecabin, the occupant is obliged to pay a fee of 50.00 zł.

16. Management is not financially responsible for personal items, belongings left unattended at the KakaduCabins. The obligation to protect their belongings against theft and damage rests with their owners.

17. The KakaduCabinmust be left in a reasonably clean manner upon departure.

18. Lighting the grill (BBQ) is allowed only in locations designated by the management, with extreme caution and fire protection regulations.

19. The KakaduCabinare non-use of open flames and smoking cigarettes. Violation of this prohibition threatens a fine of 300 zł.

20. In case of fire or other hazard to residents of those facilities must comply with the posted instructions in the cottages fire protection.

21. We do not allow pets in our facilities.

22. Please also note that we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by reasons independent of us, such as power outages or water.

23.The KakaduCabinscheck-In is from4pmCheck-Out is10am, and the curfew hours from10 p.m.to7 a.m.

24. Incases not regulated or outlined in the conditions/regulations – the decision lays with Management.

25. These regulations were approved by the owner as of 04.04.2011 .

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